Miami Township Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2017


Call to Order:


B. Corry called the meeting to order at 7:04 P.M.


Roll Call:


B. Corry, J. Fulton, L. Parsons, D. Amstutz, R. Zopf, C. Ham-minute taker


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:


D. Amstutz motioned to accept with L. Parsons seconding, all accepted.


Agenda Review:


B. Corry reviewed the agenda for the meeting with no changes


Old Business:


The zoning plan was reviewed tonight. It was decided to postpone the single family dwelling for later. PUD's still need to be worked on. There will be some minor changes & rearranging of terminology.

Section 5.304 of the plan was discussed-ag businesses. The concern was if a large business would move in, but it would be unlikely. R. Zopf is going to be attending a zoning meeting, & will ask other townships how they handle ag businesses.  


New Business: There was no new business.


The Agenda for the next meeting will be:


B. Corry asked R. Zopf to clean up a few things in the zoning plan, like the numbering points. The ag service establishment section 5.304 will be discussed.


Call to order

Roll call

Approval of previous meeting minutes

Agenda review

Old business

New business

Announcements & Future Agenda Planning



Adjournment for March 21:


L. Parsons motioned to adjourn, & D. Amstutz seconded. All agreed. The meeting ended at 8:10 PM

The next meeting will be held on April 18th at 7 PM.