Miami Township Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes

Tuesday August 16, 2016


Call to Order:


B. Corry called the meeting to order at 7:04 P.M.


Roll Call:


In attendance were B. Corry, F. Legge, D. Amstutz, L. Parsons, J. Fulton, R. Zopf, C. Ham as minute taker


Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes:


D. Amstutz motioned to accept with L. Parsons seconding. All accepted.


Agenda Review:


B. Corry reviewed the agenda for the meeting with no changes


Old Business:


Agritourism & bed & breakfasts were discussed. Agritourism is new & some designations for the township were discussed. The definition of a farm in the law says: “Land is composed of tracts, lots or parcels totaling not less than ten (10) acres devoted to agricultural production if the land produces an average yearly gross income of at least twenty-five hundred dollars ($2500)” Rented land used for agritourism is not known. Agritourism can take place in any district, with perhaps some exceptions in sub-divisions. Some of the things the township can regulate are ingress & egress, & parking (with no street parking). One idea, for the sake of residences nearby, would be have different rules for day events from 9 A.M.-9 P.M. and evening events from 9 P.M.-9 A.M. One problem with events is noise & neighbors not happy. Other considerations were the building size and setbacks for safety reasons. With agritourism all but a law, we need to be prepared.


Bed & breakfasts discussion was about some of the items the workshop went over in the July meeting.


New Business:


No new business


Announcements & Future Agenda Planning:


R. Zopf was asked to find out Cedarville's setbacks.


The Agenda for the next meeting will be:


Finish incorporating agtourism & have a definition of farms.


Call to order

Roll call

Approval of previous meeting minutes

Agenda review

Old business

New business

Announcements & Future Agenda Planning






A motion to adjourn was made by L. Parsons, & seconded by J. Fulton. The motion was passed by unanimous vote at 8:22 P.M.