Meeting Minutes. Miami Township Zoning Commission. April 16, 2019

Miami Township Zoning Commission Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2019
Call to Order: B. Corry at 7:02 pm
Roll Call: B. Corry, F. Legge, D. Amstutz, R. Zopf, C. Ham-minutes taker
Guest: Don Hollister, representing the Miami Township trustees
Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes: Minutes approved with one change with F. Legge moving to
accept & D. Amstutz seconding. All approved.
Agenda Review: Continue discussing the PUD section of the zoning plan.
Old Business: D. Hollister attended to explain the trustee’s thoughts on PUD’s. The board wants the
zoning plan to be compliant with the comprehension plan. The zoning board sees some conflict with
the PUD as it is written now. D. Hollister said the main reason to keep the PUD section is to have a
more compact, condensed pocket which would leave more land for farming, rather than lots along the
road. Arguments against it are if up against a farm, there would be the noise of farm machines,
chemical odors, etc. There also would be common driveways that the zoning plan doesn’t allow, but
would be allowed in PUD’s. At this point as the plan is written, we can’t tell anyone what limits there
are. D. Hollister said that he isn’t sure there is any standard in state law that can be enforced. He would
prefer not to have a strip of houses along township roads, too many driveways along the road can cause
traffic problems. He would like options to sell to developments, but doing it another way. The board’s
argument is that the way the plan is now, the township could lose a lot of land. The PUD section is
wide open to anything. And, it doesn’t meet the comprehension plan. B. Cony told D. Hollister that he
appreciated him coming to the meeting. D. Hollister said he would stop back sometime, that he was
available in the future.
New Business: No new business
Announcements & Future Agenda Planning: Homework, to know more about state laws on PUD’s.
Also to continue our discussion about concerns with the PUD section of the code as they relate to our
Comprehensive Land Use Plan.
The Agenda for the next meeting will be:
Call to order
Roll call
Approval of previous meeting minutes
Agenda review
Old business
New business
Announcements & Future Agenda Planning
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:29 pm with D. Amstutz moving to adjourn & F. Legge
seconding. Next meeting will be June 18, 2019

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