Miami Township Board of Trustees Minutes-Dec. 17, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Mucher.  Trustee Hollister was also present.  Zoning Inspector Zopf and Fiscal Officer Silliman was also present.



A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Mucher was made to adopt the minutes of December 3rd as presented.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.



A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Mucher was made to authorize payments of accounts in the amount of $29,817.89: General Fund – $2,854.79; Fire Fund – $17,026.15; Cemetery Fund – $98.94; EMS Billing – $4,263.18; Road and Bridge – $5,574.83.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.



The Trustees received:

  • OTARMA 2019 calendar;
  • League of Women Voters newsletter;
  • Wheeling Gaunt Sculpture Project;
  • MVRPC news release and Board of Director’s Dec. 6 meeting materials;
  • E-Mail re: wage and income transcript re: expiring TINS;
  • OTA’s newsletter Grassroots Clippings;
  • STAR Webinar December 19th;
  • Greene County Development Municipal Grant Report;
  • E-Mail from R.Zopf re: proposed Agraria trail;
  • Annual Miami Valley Planning & Zoning Workshop information;
  • Zoning Commission minutes of July 17th;
  • RPCCC representative designation form for 2019;
  • Information from David Diamond re: Agraria trail;
  • Copy of Letter to the Editor re: senior housing project;
  • Ohio Township News magazine;
  • Fund Status, Revenue Status and Appropriation Status for 12/1718.



David Diamond, representing Community Solutions and the proposed Agraria Trail, presented a resolution in support of the trail for consideration.  He stated good progress has been made towards application of the grant.

Mr.Mucher stated that he sees a couple issues with the proposed trail that are zoning related. The list of benefits brought by the construction of this trail such as weddings, retailing and dinners may cause hazardous traffic backups on Dayton-YS Road.  Furthermore, such activities are not permitted in an agricultural district.

Mr.Diamond apologized that the list on the application has not been updated. The projected schedule of activities for 2019 is almost exclusively educational which are permitted in Ag Districts.

Mr.Zopf stated that he viewed the building of a trail through agricultural land is in opposition to what the Agraria land is basically about.  He added that the Township Comprehensive Plan discusses the future of the Township and states that if a trail was being built, it must have a destination such as a town.  Additionally, citizens need to work with the Township on a project, not a private entity.  Lastly, the Comprehensive Plan has a goal of preserving natural areas of the Township, not cut down nearly an acre of woods.

Mr.Diamond stated the amount of woods that would be affected is not yet definitive.  He added there is an area south of the fields that is mowed regularly therefore, not an adverse effect on preservation of woods.

Mr.Zopf added a concern regarding grading that would be a part of trail construction which is also an invasive activity to any natural environment.  It was mentioned that Dayton-YS Road has a generous right-of-way that may be more suitable for a connecting trail to the destination.

It was noted that the cycle for this grant is annual and the deadline for submission of applications is February 1st.

Mr.Mucher informed Mr.Diamond that the determination of whether an activity is agricultural or educational is made by the zoning inspector.  He added that the Township cannot provide public services to non-public entities.  Mr.Diamond thanked the Trustees and Mr.Zopf for all the information and will work with Mr.Zopf on the project.


Mr. Dale Arnold, an Ohio Farm Bureau representative, works closely with counties and energy development such as oil, natural gas, pipelines, electricity, wind, solar and biomass.  He stated there has been a lot of activity in this local area including pipelines, electric transmission and solar energy projects.

Mr. Arnold explained in detail the many services that are available thru the Farm Bureau to move through energy development in a community.  The Trustees thanked him for his very informative presentation.



A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Mucher was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2018-55: Amendment of Permanent Appropriations.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Mucher was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2018-56: Dissolve of Fund 2902.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.



Clifton-Union Cemetery – Mr.Hollister reported that the Board met with no major news to report.



Mr.Mucher reported that HB 500-Township Bill- passed.

A MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Mucher was made to adopt RESOLUTION 2018-57: Agreement to provide Fire/EMS Services to a portion of Bath Township for the year of 2019. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.



No report.




There being no further business to discuss, a MOTION by Mr.Hollister and SECONDED by Mr.Mucher was made to Adjourn.  MOTION CARRIED unanimously.  Time 8:45 p.m.



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