Miami Township Trustees Meeting Minutes. May, 06 2019



MAY 6, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm. by Chairperson Mucher. Trustees Crockett and Hollister were also present. Fire Chief Altman, Road Department Administrator Gochenouer, Zoning Inspector Zopf and Fiscal Officer Silliman were present.
Audience members included Kettering Health Network Kristi Bradford and Bath Township Trustee Steve Ross.

A MOTION by Mr. Crockett and SECONDED by Mr. Hollister was made to adopt the minutes of April 15th as presented. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

A MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to pay accounts in the amount of $34,850.46: General Fund – $4,270.63; Fire Fund – $14,995.22; Cemetery Fund – $2,679.84; EMS Billing – $7,613.71; Road and Bridge – $4,931.81; Capital Fund – $2,679.84. MOTION CARRIED unanimously.

The Trustees received:
• E-Mails re: flow testing at new firehouse location;
• Statement from Ohio Department of Commerce re: registration of cemeteries;
• E-Mails re: MSA Architects 4/24 meeting minutes; amendment to contract with USDA; cost saving ideas from App Architecture; submissions of applications from subcontractors;
• E-Mail re: new bucket for bobcat;
• Road Closure announcements from Greene County Engineer;
• Letter from Attorney Laura Curliss re: Agraria;
• E-Mail re: SR 343’s edge in need of repair;
• May 14th Township Association meeting announcement;
• Annual Grinnell Mill Foundation April 28 meeting minutes;
• Township Zoning Commission’s March meeting minutes;
• MSA, WDC, USDA and Miami Township April 24and May 1st meeting minutes;
• OTA’s April 26 & May 3 Legislative Alerts;
• RPCC’s Executive Committee April 16 meeting announcement;
• E-Mail from MVRPC re: TRAC 2019;
• MTFR’s April Activity Report in Bath Township;
• E-Mail re: legal services proposal for YS DCDC;
• Bricker & Eckler newsletter;
• Update on Vectren Project;
• OTA’s newsletter “Grassroots Clippings”;
• Fund Status, Revenue Status and Appropriation Status for 5/6/19.

Kristi Bradford, representing the Kettering Health Network, presented plaques and pins to MTFR members Joe Panuto, Ryan Evans, Nick Miller-Jacobson, TJ Fries, Ryan Schroeder and Casey Brewer for their participation in saving a man’s life who was in cardiac arrest. Ms. Bradford stated it is rare for a person to be in cardiac arrest and be revived. Chief Altman also commended the gentlemen for their quick actions taken to achieve the positive result.
Bath Township Trustee Steve Ross thanked the crew for their excellent service they provided the Bath Township resident.

Chief Altman reported there were 58 EMS and 19 fire calls since the last meeting. Eight fire inspections were conducted.
The Bath Township tanker is now in service.
The YS Kids Playhouse has asked for permission to use the new fire station property as a location to advertise the Playhouse and its upcoming season. The Trustees agreed to consider the request.
Chief Altman requested an Executive Session to discuss matters of personnel discipline. A MOTION by Mr. Crockett and SECONDED by Mr. Hollister was made to move into Executive Session. MOTION CARRIED unanimously. Time – 5:27 pm.

Following a brief discussion amongst the Trustees and Chief Altman, the Executive Session ended and they returned to Regular Session. Time – 5:30 pm. No direct action was taken as a result of the conversation.

Chief Altman reported the process to add another supervisor to the MTFR crew is progressing and he hopes to swear-in the new supervisors at the June 10th meeting.

Mr. Mucher reported that there was a meeting April 24th with MSA, Miami Township, USDA and WDC representatives attending. Several cost saving ideas were generated while maintaining the character of the building. The next conference call is scheduled for May 15th.

Mr. Gochenouer reported there were 3 burials in Clifton, two full burials and one ashes internment. He is planning to pour bases this coming week.
There was a brief discussion concerning the names that have not been etched onto the scattering monument. Mr. Gochenouer stated he has contacted Dodds Monuments and was told they are way behind due to the loss of the person who does the work.

Mr. Gochenouer stated that Jacoby and Brannum Roads have been milled. Jacoby Road will be wedged this coming week. He hopes to start mowing ditches next week.
Lastly, he added there are trees on Grinnell Circle that need to be cleaned up.

No report.

Mr. Zopf reported he issued two permits; a new residential garage and the BSA camp is adding a bathroom facility.
Mr. Hollister stated he attended the recent Zoning Commission meeting. He found the Commission to be a respectable and impressive group.

Mr. Mucher reported that ODOT will be revisiting the condition of SR 343’s pavement. It is in need of additional resurfacing.

The process of establishing the Dedicated Community Development Corporation is progressing. A law firm in Dayton has been selected to draft the 501(c) application.

There being no further business to discuss, a MOTION by Mr. Hollister and SECONDED by Mr. Crockett was made to ADJOURN. MOTION CARRIED unanimously. Time – 6:00 pm.

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